Hey, what’s up, hello

I’m so stoked to start sharing my stylish shenanigans with you! To begin, I thought this would be good time to introduce myself a bit better; particularly in terms of what’s going to be happening here at genuinejen.

First off, I’m a recent post-grad; which is basically code for “a girl on a budget.”(#HelpmeI’mpoor)


Fortunately, I believe that style doesn’t require big bucks. It does, however, necessitate careful spending. A few choice items that are well-constructed will go miles towards cultivating your wardrobe, whereas a mass of cheap clothes plucked indiscriminately from the rack just because they’re on sale will create an incoherent closet that (a) simply looks low-quality, and (b) probably reflects only the latest trends rather than your true taste.

To that end, I consider myself an aspiring minimalist. I have to admit that I, too, can be swayed by seeing what everyone else is wearing at the moment, even if it’s not 100% “my thing.” And spending a larger chunk of my hard-earned cash in one go on a single, well-made item somehow seems harder to let myself do, versus spreading out that same amount in smaller portions on several, lower-quality purchases. However, I am working towards becoming a conscious buyer in order to stop buying clothes on sale that I’ll never end up wearing because they don’t fit my taste; instead, I am cultivating a closet that is representative of my genuine style, fits well and looks good on, and is comprised of items that are constructed to last.

Coincidentally, I am also largely a minimalist in my stylistic idiom. I favor clean lines, muted palettes, and a tailored fit; I steer away from frills and poufs, loud colors, and overly-bedazzled embellishments. For me, less is usually more. No one said it better than the icon Coco Chanel herself: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” In short, classic looks with modern bent are my jam.

So that’s me! Just a minimal/modern-classic style enthusiast with a passionate for creating cultivated closets on a budget. I can’t wait to begin sharing my story with you!



– jen

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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